Glovebox Inert Atmosphere Thin-Air Fabrication Core


The Glovebox Inert Atmosphere (N2) Thin-film Fabrication and Testing core facility is a home to the best in class, hands down, thin-film optical and electronics technology. Among the core’s many innovations is its inert environment, which ensures that the equipment and materials in the lab are not subject to the vagaries of humidity or temperature. The laboratory is a showcase for innovative research in several areas including nanotechnology, medical devices and energy. From the world’s first MRI machine to cutting edge research in high-tech cancer therapy, our lab has a reputation for pushing the boundaries of research and development.

The present invention relates to the manufacturing of a thin air pillow with a novel inflatable bagĀ ThinAir Fabrication and a unique contact sleeve. The inflatable bag is a first film layer made from a PVC (poly vinyl chloride) material, and the contact sleeve is an open-ended sleeve containing a cavity of a similar composition.

The inflatable bag is inflated via an air valve. The valve is a technologically-advanced device with an air squeegee, a nozzle and a piston that together can release a lot of air. The air squeegee can be positioned to make the largest sized balloon possible, and the piston can be controlled for a consistent and predictable flow of air.

Several other notable achievements are afoot, such as capturing CO2 from the atmosphere, producing the most oxygen-rich product to date and providing an environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional pillows. These laudable goals are being tackled by 40+ team members, who are set to double in size by the end of 2022.