IPQualityScore Review – An Email Verifier That Reduces the Risk of Phishing and Fraud

IPQualityScore (IPQS) is a reputable email verifier service that helps businesses reduce the risk of phishing and fraud. This cloud-based system performs a number of checks to ensure that you are sending messages to valid email addresses. The IPQS Email Verification service combines validation and reputation scoring to help increase the value of your email lists. It enables you to verify email addresses across multiple mail service providers.

IPQS Email Verification is designed to filter out frequent complainers and invalid addresses while keeping your inbox functional. Through its unique direct relationships with mail service providers, the IPQS service provides an extensive database of valid email addresses. It can also check email addresses that may not be publicly available.

IPQS Email Verification uses an algorithm that is optimized to produce the best results from any mail service provider. This method will ensure you get the most accurate results possible. For example, IPQS will remove spam traps, temporary mail services, and honeypot emails from your list. It will also check for domains and format errors.

The IPQS Fraud Score is a proprietary algorithm that determines how likely an email address is to be fraudulent. IPQS scores an email by analyzing its recent behavior within a threat network. If an email’s score is too high, it means that something is wrong with it. That’s why you should be wary of disposable or temporary email services.

IPQS also provides a comprehensive API to make verifying your email address easy. You can also try a free trial of the service. Once you have verified the validity of an email, you can subscribe to the paid tiers if you find the service useful.

IPQS Email Verification provides over fifteen data points to improve your marketing efforts. In addition to these, you will be able to track and monitor your average validation rates. IPQS is also able to identify a wide variety of fraudulent activities.

IPQS also has an extension that allows you to update your lead or contact in real time. ThisĀ IPQualityScore email verifier makes it easier to manage your email lists and prevent duplicate accounts from registering. You can even integrate the tool with other SaaS services.

Another advantage of using IPQS is that you will be able to validate the email addresses you send to customers or partners. This allows you to increase the overall value of your email list and improve your overall marketing effectiveness. Not only does IPQS provide the best email verifier, it also offers custom pricing models to fit your needs.

While there are a number of ways to validate email addresses, the best method is to use an integrated API. Most API tools provide real-time verification. There are also other methods to do the same, including SMTP queries, batch lookups, and CSV files. However, you should never rely on a lookup result if it is inaccurate. Rather, you should be looking for an API that checks 74 different data points.

The VerifyBee All in One Form Verification API is a good example of a real-time tool that can be used to check for the most important email address information. This service also prevents spam signups from bots and other malicious programs.