Rentokil Pest Control – Get Rid of All Pests in East London

Pests & insects like mice, rats, bed bugs, cockroaches & mosquitoes can cause damage to buildings, spread diseases & make life miserable for humans & pets. They also cost UK businesses & homeowners hundreds of millions of pounds in damages a year.

If you suspect a pest infestation problem, call us straight away for a free quote from a local pest control East London specialist near you. They’ll perform a thorough inspection of your property, including inside the roof space (if raised) & underneath garden sheds & fences. They’ll also check for signs of termite damage & timber decay and environmental factors that encourage pest problems.

Our pest treatments are tailored to each property, based on the type of vermin you have, your home & garden and the level of infestation. They include a full report with photos and advice on how to prevent future pest problems. Our treatment plans are designed to cause minimal disruption to you & your family while also getting rid of all unwanted pests in the most humane way possible.

We offer both domestic & commercial pest control in East London. We have worked with a range of companies such as the William Morris Gallery for the London Borough of Waltham Forest in E12, the West End Theatres Association in Covent Garden, Rydon or Equipe Regeneration Camden, Wannis Cash and Carry in Leyton, Woodford Baptist Homes Wanstead, Ghandi Oriental Foods Poplar & many other restaurants & retail stores across London. We can help you get rid of all pests in your business premises, whether they are damaging your reputation or affecting your profits.

Rentokil’s team of pest control specialists are trained in all aspects of pest management and prevention. They use the best pest control techniques to ensure that all pests are eliminated from your home or business premises and that they don’t return.

All our pest control specialists are DBS checked and fully insured for your peace of mind. They will always treat your property with care and respect and use environmentally friendly methods wherever possible.

Pests like mice, rats & cockroaches thrive in urban areas from Tower Hamlets to Stratford, because of opportunistic scavenging for food & shelter in bins & rubbish, fruit & seeds in gardens & parks and in the waste we bury in landfill sites. Rodents multiply quickly and can gnaw through wiring, destroy furniture & cause health problems from their droppings. Local rodent control experts will use traps & baits to eliminate the problem & advise you on how to keep them out in future.