Austin’s Beat Kings: Commanding DJ Excellence

From break beats to damaging, quick blends and shout-outs, the DJ is a major gamer in hip-hop culture. More than the MC, a DJ dictates a hip-hop party with tune selection, matched paces and extracurricular acoustic fuss. The neighborhood dancing scene has a healthy and balanced cast of turntable wizards, and many of them call Austin home.

Whether you’re preparing a soulful ballad to get your visitors in the state of mind for love or high-energy tracks to kick the celebration right into equipment, anĀ has what you require. With alternatives from sector veterans to fresher faces, the right DJ can make or break your special day. Below are 5 of the most sonicly-savvy entertainers in the area.

Mel Cavaricci
From his youth in Killeen to his existing sonic digs in downtown Austin, the video jockey known as Mel has always inclined music. As a young adult, he would certainly creep into bars and search record stores to find out the techniques of the profession. A best mixer, he can seamlessly segue from A People Called Mission right into Black Sabbath or a 50 Cent a cappella track over a 9 Inch Nails instrumental. Mel’s flawless mash-ups have gained him nationwide honor, including deejaying President Obama’s 2013 launch.

Q Davidson
From the cradle of blues and rock to the cutting side of house and techno, Texas has long been the location where songs lives. Yet when DJ Q moved to Austin after a decade of residency stints in San Francisco and past, the city’s reputation as a music mecca didn’t necessarily reach its nightlife scene. Disappointed by what he took into consideration to be the “buddy-buddy national politics” of the Austin club scene and a lack of exposure to classic home and techno, he began questioning his dedication to his craft.

Inevitably, it was a serendipitous confrontation with an additional skilled DJ that convinced him to persevere and keep boning up. Today, the complex manufacturer, DJ and benefactor is an in-demand visiting act and a well-respected club and event headliner. He’s likewise an advisor to more youthful talent and is active in the local political scene, donating his time as an Autonomous Celebration deejay. He’s presently in the middle of his second US excursion and has an eye on the presidential race as he prepares for the Bernie Sanders key watch celebration in Manchester today. Check out his Instagram and Twitter for updates on his most current looks.