DIY Cleaning Guide Post-Home Renovation: Tips and Techniques

Home renovations are exciting but a little messy. Even if the work is completed on time and the tradesmen are tidy, a lot of mess is left behind including brick dust, drywall debris, sawdust, paint splatters etc. If not cleaned properly, these may cause damage to the surfaces of your house and even trigger respiratory problems. To prevent this, you must hire a professional cleaning service to clean up after the construction process. However, if you are working with a tight budget, here are some DIY Cleaning Tips After Home Renovation.

Before you start the cleaning process, it is DIY Cleaning Tips After Home Renovation by Next Modern Home important to remove all plastic barriers from the areas that you are going to clean. This will help you in focusing on the cleaning process and will save your valuable time. Also, clear away all paper on the floor, boxes, paint cans, building materials, and anything else that is no longer needed.

Once you’ve cleared the mess, it is important to vacuum and dust the whole area. Start with the ceilings and then move down to the walls and finally the floors and carpets. It’s a good idea to use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter to ensure that you are getting rid of all the dust.

Another crucial step is to wipe down the kitchen and bathroom surfaces. This will include the bathtub, sink, toilet and cabinetry. You can use a disinfecting cleaner or a mixture of water and vinegar to remove the dirt. The acetic acid in vinegar will clean and disinfect the surface.

You should also clean the refrigerator. Dust and dirt tend to accumulate along the plastic seals of the door. To avoid this, you can either use a toothbrush and a mild all-purpose cleaner or a DIY mixture of water and vinegar.

Before beginning the cleaning process, it’s a good idea to open all windows in your home. This will allow the dust to escape and reduce the smell. You can also switch on your air purifier if you have one at home.

If you are using a professional cleaning company, make sure to ask them for their list of supplies that they will bring with them. Depending on the size of your house, you might need different types of cleaning solutions and equipment. For example, you might need to have a ladder to reach high places. You might also need bin nylons and a few carton boxes to contain the heavier debris.

If you have any questions about cleaning your home after a renovation, don’t hesitate to contact us! Our experienced team of professionals will be happy to assist you. We’ll get the job done quickly and efficiently so that you can enjoy your newly renovated home. We look forward to hearing from you soon! Our Cleaning Services in Sydney are second to none.