How to Tell If a Chair Is Made of PU Leather Or Genuine

PU leather is an alternative to genuine animal hides that can be made of a variety of materials. It is also a popular vegan option as it does not contain any toxins or allergens that are often found in natural animal hides. It is less expensive than real leather, and it can be made in a variety of textures and colors.

Typically, PU leather is made of a cover or coating of plastic polyurethane and a base material of fiber (usually polyester). There are semi-synthetic and full synthetic options available.

If you want to know whether something is made of pu leather mean or genuine leather, it’s easiest to look at the label. For PU leather, the manufacturer should list the polyurethane used to make it and a breakdown of its ingredients.

The most obvious indicator that a piece of furniture is PU rather than genuine leather is the smell it produces. Unlike genuine leather, which has a fresh and mild scent, PU leather has a chemical smell that can be difficult to ignore. In addition, PU leather tends to be stiff and constricting, and may not breathe as well.

Another easy way to tell if a piece of leather is PU or genuine is to do a water test on it. Take a small piece of the leather and blot it with water. If it dries quickly, then the leather is PU. If it dries slower, then it’s probably genuine.

A good rule of thumb is that a piece of real leather will feel soft and smooth when you touch it. PU leather can sometimes be slightly stiffer and more slick.

Depending on how long it’s been in use, a piece of PU leather can last between three and five years. However, it’s best to clean a PU leather chair regularly to help prevent damage.

You should always avoid using wax or oil-based products on PU leather as these can cause damage to its coating. Instead, use a lint-free cloth to wipe it clean or a cleaning solution that is specifically designed for PU leather.

It can also be helpful to heat the PU leather with a hair dryer to remove any scratches and abrasions that are present. Usually, these scratches will disappear almost completely once the leather is heated.

As with any product, the longevity of a piece of PU leather depends on how it is cared for. If you clean it frequently and don’t allow it to get too dirty, it should last for years.

One of the biggest cons of PU leather is that it does not smell like genuine leather. This is a major turnoff for consumers who are looking for the smell and feel of real leather.

This is why it’s important to check the label on any furniture you’re considering buying, and to do a side-by-side comparison with the real thing before making your purchase. PU leather isn’t as durable or as breathable as real leather, so it’s not a great choice if you plan on living with your furniture for a while.